Trinity of Survival

I’ve often suggested that there is a “trinity” to survival. Most of the time, I don’t hear folks talk like there is, and it seems that we are often chasing one and in awe of another as we ignore the third.

But survival can’t really exist without all three, and the more we understand each specific area, the better off we will be.


Let’s begin by naming what we are so often chasing. Gear. I must admit, I love gear as much as the next guy. I’ve bought, sold, and traded more stuff than I can shake a stick at. I’ve got big kits, small kits, hidden kits – and they all have their own gear.

Some gear has lasted and others have broken on the first use. But I just had to have the stuff. So I bought it. You see, I’m really no different than anyone else.

I’m just a dude. A stoked dude that is.

But there is a tendency for so many to believe that if I have “this” piece of kit, then I will be all right. Maybe it’s the “forever” knife, pack, or fishing pole.

Forever my arse!

There will always be more. And what’s more is that no matter how amazing the piece of kit is – it could be so advanced, light weight, and do so many wonders – but it doesn’t matter. Just because we saw “him” use it.

He’s not your neighbor

We often get caught up in the attributes, and competencies of others who are extremely skilled. And I think that’s okay – we should learn from those who can do. Hunting, trapping, fishing, bushcraft skills, and of course navigation.

But as a society we have become so lazy, that we often believe we can become proficient through osmosis. We watched it on YouTube – we binged a whole series – we went to a live event. So obviously, we are now trained and proficient in the art of x, y, or z.


But that’s not how it works. We have to get out, practice. We need to fail so we can learn. We need to change the conditions for the task. Only through some blood, sweat, and tears can we become masters of the craft.

Anyone here a doctor?

And that kind of loops back around to what we need before we start just cutting through it. We do need to study and become students of our craft. We need to discover the history and reasoning behind why certain things are done.

You wouldn’t let a surgeon open you up, if they hadn’t been to school would you?

Of course not.

So we need to continue with the same discipline.

Trinity of Survival

These three areas – Knowledge, Experience, and Gear are the trinity of survival. Only in the specific areas where there is overlap between them are situations where we can not only survive, but thrive. You can have all the gear in the world, but if you don’t know how to actually build a primitive fire – the gear won’t do you a lick of good.

You can have knowledge but if you lack experience you lack the ability to improvise, adapt, and overcome because you’ve never invested time and energy into the craft. You could be a master cabinet maker – but if your in the forest with nothing but your bare hands, you may not be doing any fine joinery.

Get out there and rehearse now, before you need the skill. Master your craft

And Stay Stoked!

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