Secure Your Area

Security is something we take for granted. We are used to borders, fences, walls, and locks. Fenced yards, dogs, and people who (for the most part) abide by basic rules of law.

But in nature, or a contested environment, these rules aren’t your sanctuary.

They aren’t even guidelines.

So, we need something in our kit to be able to maintain that security.

That something can be any number of things – time and space included.

In the military, concertina wire is used extensively to perform this task, but that’s not something we have an adequate supply of.

Many in the past have simply used jingle bells on a string tied between trees, or to string a line on some pots and pans to help alert us to the presence of animals – bears, raccoons, and more.

You could make a field expedient trip wire by using a mousetrap, even including a blank if you’re crafty enough. But there is a product – made in the USA – and is ready to go, right now.

FithOps distributes trip alarms that bring peace of mind whether in the back country or at home. From simply using 209 primers to shotgun shell blanks – these products are well made and solid. Check them out and the video below for how I employ them.


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