Top 10 USGI Gear

I’ve been issued hundreds of items from the military dating back to 1995. Most of it sat in a foot locker and collected dust. But some of the items I’ve consistently used and relied upon. Let’s look at the top ten USGI items according to Stoker. This was a special collaboration with Prepared Pathfinder who discussed the top ten items issued by the British military, so you’ll want to check that out as well.

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The ALICE Pack is a beast featuring an internal frame and capable of carrying a 100 pounds. It has since been replaced, but many still use it as it has been time and battle tested. The 5 button sweater is a timeless piece of clothing that remains a classic to this day. The poncho and poncho liner are the go to for establishing a hasty hooch in the field.

Wool glove inserts may seem an oddity to this list; however, they do two things extremely well in addition to being affordable. They are a great addition to leather gloves or mittens to keep your hands warm, and if you ever need to rappel, they’ll keep them from burning up. Of course the Cammenga compass has to be included in the list – it’s been in service for over 70 years and to this day is one of the most highly regarded pieces of kit.

The Ames E Tool and field jacket liner have been used by men to take lives and look bad ass in the process. To this day, in the winter I seldom wear a jacket, but only wear the liner under my top. And of course the smallest item on the list was the old P38 can opener, often referred to as the John Wayne can opener.

But the number one item on my list was the DD214 – probably everyones favorite that has served. And to all who have – I say THANK YOU.

Let me know what you think the best USGI items the military have been.

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