Setting up a tarp shelter is primitive to some, but offers a lot of options to be able to adapt to any environment. Using a 10×10 tarp of your choice along with some Paracord or Bankline you can quickly establish a shelter to protect you from the environment.

There are as many tarp configurations as you can imagine, but when you need to set up one quickly, the easiest to deploy is a simple lean to.  Simply secure a ridge line between two trees and use a pair of stakes, and she’s done. Always keep the wind to the back of your shelters. Other shelters that are easy to set up include the A frame and Plow Point (or diamond). With a few simple and easy modifications, all of these can be adjusted to create more space inside, or even offer a small dry place to store your gear.

When looking to up your tarp shelter game, you can begin to work on setting up a tarp tent, Adirondack, or even the STOKED shelter. These all are a little more elaborate and take some time to get used to, but offer an amazing use of space while keeping you protected from the elements.

What’s your favorite tarp shelter?

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