550 Paracord Survival Hacks

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Paracord is a key component of most survival kits. As well it should be! But most people only use it for stringing up a ridge line for a shelter. In this video, I’ll give you 10 survival hacks using 550 cord including how to cut zip ties, start a fire, snare game, and cut it with itself! The paracord featured is:

Paracord and the Survival Paracord


The Rig, Flagging Tape, 550 Cord, Weather Meter, Silva Compass, Rite ’N Rain, Mora Knife, Signal Mirror, Flashlight, IR Beacon.


The Pack, Nalgene Water Bottle, LiteFighter Tarp, Commie Tear Container, Life Straw, Emergency Blanket, Multi-Tool, Headlamp

Survive the First 24
Perimeter Security
Stealth Navigation

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