Come Hell or Highwater

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A short film dedicated to those who went above and beyond the call – and most especially those who have yet to be returned. In this video, I use a lot of older and modern equipment – some of it I was issued back in the 90’s, others I have acquired more recently. In the follow on video, I do a complete gear dump for those interested in seeing all the gear I carried, why I carried it, and some of the attention to detail that is easily missed in the short film.

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The Rig, Flagging Tape, 550 Cord, Weather Meter, Silva Compass, Rite ’N Rain, Mora Knife, Signal Mirror, Flashlight, IR Beacon.


The Pack, Nalgene Water Bottle, LiteFighter Tarp, Commie Tear Container, Life Straw, Emergency Blanket, Multi-Tool, Headlamp

Survive the First 24
Perimeter Security
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