Stoked T Shirt

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I’m super stoked to let everyone know that if you’re looking for some swag to add to your kit bag, the STOKED T shirt is now available. Including an Orange Label, Black Label, and White Label – long and short sleeve.

As always – hope you all are doing well, keep grinding, and stay STOKED!

Become a member to gain access to perks:


The Rig, Flagging Tape, 550 Cord, Weather Meter, Silva Compass, Rite ’N Rain, Mora Knife, Signal Mirror, Flashlight, IR Beacon.


The Pack, Nalgene Water Bottle, LiteFighter Tarp, Commie Tear Container, Life Straw, Emergency Blanket, Multi-Tool, Headlamp

Survive the First 24
Perimeter Security
Stealth Navigation

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