About Stoker

Raised in the rugged Land of Enchantment, I’ve worked ranches; wrangled horses; spent long days and nights with the Mescalero Apache, earned the Eagle, Globe, and Anchor; deployed multiple times to the Middle East, and known to many as “Top”. I’m fortunate to have had the opportunity to explore the world, and I continue to push beyond the veil to discover more about myself, our world, and I can share with others what I have received.

What People Say

Number One Reason People Get Lost

“Didn’t realize the amount of information that I didn’t know! Glad I found your content.”

Larry Noe

Military Survival Escape & Evasion Kit

“Everything in the kit makes much sense and has a lot of utility.”

Ricky Sand

Best Ridgeline for Hasty Shelters

“That is awesome, simple and quick, will be making a few of these. I am Stoked!”

Jessie Paine

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