Stoked Fire Kit

I approach my main fire kit similarly to how I approach communications – with a PACE plan. I believe you should have redundancy so after your Primary tool goes down, you have an Alternate, Contingency, and Emergency way of accomplishing your task.

In my kit, I carry a lighter (P), ferro rod (A), matches (C) as well as a lens and cordage for a bow drill (both E). I also carry both man made and natural tinder sources with the idea that you should think about your next fire now.

One could argue, that in a SURVIVAL situation, you may want to consider reversing your PACE plan, saving your primary for last. In a time where the proverbial excrement has hit the oscillator, you may need to conserve your resources.

With any of the means, and with any possible resources – I’d encourage all of us to continue to practice under every condition possible. Train in cold, wet, heat, wind, and when your tired. Practice in limited visibility and different materials. That way, you stand better prepared when Murphy comes knocking.

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