Wilderness Survival First Aid Kit

You need to be prepared for the unexpected when you head out into the wilderness.

I’m a fan of kits I can place into kits. Something I can take from one pack, and put into another, or into the car or truck. And my wilderness first aid kit is no different.

In the event of an injury, you need to be prepared to treat them in order to keep it from becoming worse. Truth be told, I’m more concerned about treating others than myself. I have rarely had to perform much self first aid.

In this video, I set out and go over my individual first aid kit (IFAK) that I carry all the time. Its base is a Tactical Tailor E&E Kit which I like because of how it’s structured which gives me the ability to organize it really well. The problem with buying a first aid kit off the shelf, is most of them are garbage.

I carry lip balm, a lighter, first aid tape, fingernail clippers, a razor, and tweezers. I also carry some medication (allergy and pain, and a packet of honey). A small tube of glue, a bobby pin, large needle, granola bar, military cravat, small magnifier. I also have a marker, CELOX gauze, some small bandages, antiseptic, and a burn pad.

What do you carry with you in your wilderness first aid kit? What do you feel about the contents of this kit? Leave some comments with your thoughts or considerations.

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