A Blanket & Underwear

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Growing up, there was always a couple things in our vehicles in addition to a tire iron and basic tools and road side emergency equipment. A blanket in the winter was a must. Of course, vehicles today seem to be a lot more dependable than in the 80’s, but even now – you never know when you may find yourself isolated.

Everyone’s parents probably told them to keep a spare change of drawers too. Not bad advice then, or now.

But today, we get so caught up in “survival”, it seems we lost the art or even desire of being prepared for most likely events. I was approached a while back about putting together a list for consideration. I went back, and thought about a few scenarios and how to best package it.

The 5 gallon survival kit is great on its own, or in conjunction with other items we may have around or on our person – plus, it makes a handy seat. Mine sits on a shelf outback and stands ready to be deployed for a road trip or when needed in the home.

5 Gallon Survival Kit
Survive the First 24
Perimeter Security
Stealth Navigation

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