Mountain Survival Kit

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Like you, dependent on the situation, I have different kits that I rely upon. But for the average day in the mountains, I trust my chest rig and small pack. Whatever you use to carry your essentials – make sure you can account for your basic survival needs including: food, fire, water, shelter, first aid, navigation, communication, self defense, maintaining a core body temperature, and hygiene.

Links below for some of the items in my kit.

Mountain Survival Kit


The Rig, Flagging Tape, 550 Cord, Weather Meter, Silva Compass, Rite ’N Rain, Mora Knife, Signal Mirror, Flashlight, IR Beacon.


The Pack, Nalgene Water Bottle, LiteFighter Tarp, Commie Tear Container, Life Straw, Emergency Blanket, Multi-Tool, Headlamp

Survive the First 24
Perimeter Security
Stealth Navigation

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