What To Know Before You Buy A Gas Mask

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Many preparedness minded individuals seeking to strengthen their kit against a range of scenarios may decide to add a gas mask. Is it the right buy?

Before you buy, you should consider a few key pieces of information. The first is that though you can find a slew of surplus gas masks on the market – ask yourself if this one piece of gear that you would want to purchase used rather than new? What has the mask been subject to? Do you have the experience, knowledge, and equipment to test to ensure that it can keep you safe from the contaminants you are anticipating?

Two of the most popular and trusted gas masks are sold by Mira and Parcil. Of course, each person needs their own gas mask – but they also need their own filters. They don’t last forever on shelf, and they are only good for a short period of time when in use. You wouldn’t want to waste an NBC filter if you’re dealing with smoke from a fire – and you wouldn’t want to trust a basic filter in a CBRN environment.

Before you buy a gas mask


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